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EFFUGIUM: Books 1-3 now available in paperback

EFFUGIUM: THE TIME REMAINING Eccentric tech mogul and cult leader Richard Kryuss has developed a system of storing and transmitting data organically, via trees containing within their DNA the entirety of recorded human knowledge. Could his Terrestrially Regenerative Enhanced Extranet, or T.R.E.E., be a boon to mankind, or will it spell doom for the human race? This thrilling anthology documents 200,000 years of post-Earth human … Continue reading EFFUGIUM: Books 1-3 now available in paperback

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Some Short Stories

These will be perpetually updated The Only Sky (Science Fiction) Their budget slashed and their mission cancelled, a group of researchers stationed on Mars is recalled back to Earth. Delicacies (Science fiction/humor) The wealthy patron of an alien restaurant craves something that’s not on the menu. A Little Less Conversation (Black Humor) Ever wonder what it’s like living with a king who behaves like a … Continue reading Some Short Stories


The Orb of Science burned bright that morning, its image on the screen before me bathing the rounded white walls of my pod in a warm crimson glow. “New variant discovered,” chirped the excruciatingly perky female voice of INFO into my neuropiece. “All outerverse activities have been postponed until further notice. OLM drones will strictly enforce lockdown protocol until a booster is developed and distributed. … Continue reading TIMES TO COME

EFFUGIUM Explained

“What do you write?” “I’m currently working on a sci-fi series.” “Cool, what’s it about?” “Uhhhhh…” I never know how to answer that question without launching into a lengthy, spoiler-filled summary of the books. I want to stop doing that, but I don’t know how. Here then, is my attempt at an abbreviated explanation: Ever look at an old tree and think about history unfolding … Continue reading EFFUGIUM Explained

EFFUGIUM Paperback Editions coming soon!

Well, I’m finally gonna do it. Releasing a paperback is easier than ever, at least through Amazon, and I eventually plan to do so with the rest of my books. Being able to hold physical copies of my work in my hands is something I’ve wanted for a long time. If all goes well, I estimate the time remaining before I make this bad boy … Continue reading EFFUGIUM Paperback Editions coming soon!

PULP ROCK: A collection of musically-inspired short fiction—AVAILABLE NOW!

Available here in either paperback or Kindle Edition. Space pirates and superspies, ghostly singers and half-orc bards, lost cities and deals with the devil . . . all this awaits and more in Pulp Rock: Twelve musically inspired tales of adventure, excitement, and horror by some of the most exciting voices in science-fiction and fantasy. Come explore the nexus between music and the written word, … Continue reading PULP ROCK: A collection of musically-inspired short fiction—AVAILABLE NOW!