COVID prediction

Between Fauci repeating what he said at the very beginning of the pandemic, that everyone’s likely to get it eventually, and these news stories batting the following idea(see pics below) around, I predict a narrative shift to “Just get it and get it over with.” People who are currently triple-masked and quadruple vaxxed will add “”Catch the fever” frames to their Facebook profiles and go … Continue reading COVID prediction

Two Years of Gaslighting

What a roller coaster ride all of this pandemic stuff has been, eh? The “guidance” has seen more flip flops than a convention center full of Star Wars nerds. Every time the guidance changes, so does the smug condescension from those with the short term memory capacities of a houseflies. What they mock one day, they’ll embrace the next, and vice versa… and they’ll tell … Continue reading Two Years of Gaslighting

Some movies I’ve recently watched

A Walk Among the Tombstones (2014) This slow-burn neo-noir thriller wouldn’t be as good as it was if not for the Psycho vibes it manages to conjure. It’s a very quiet, moody film with lots of rain, grime and dim lighting. It tends to go unnecessarily far with downright cruel acts of violence by the two abductor/murderer villains, but just cringe your way through it … Continue reading Some movies I’ve recently watched

Future Visions: Surveillance

Corporations don’t care about you. That’s not their fault. They don’t have feelings because they aren’t people. They’re machines designed to generate income, and even their creators aren’t immune to expulsion should they interfere with this directive or otherwise become a liability. As a consumer, you’re a vital component of these machines. They want you as a lifelong dependent. Drug companies want you enslaved to … Continue reading Future Visions: Surveillance

Young Punks: A Richard Kryuss Story

1982 “Sorry, you guys, it ain’t personal, ya know? It’s just that I hired you to play oldies for sad sack middle-aged workin’ stiffs. Now you got these punk rockers in here tearin’ everything up and shootin’ smack in the bathrooms. I find needles in there every goddamn night now. You’re driving off paying clientele with a buncha dirtbags who don’t even buy nothin.’” Ritchie and Bing looked at each other, … Continue reading Young Punks: A Richard Kryuss Story