Exactly what purpose do mosquitoes serve?

I mean, come on.  What reason do they have to exist?    Flies, at least, come from maggots, which help to break down dead organic matter.  Spiders, they kill the flies and other bugs.  Frogs and lizards eat mosquitoes, so I guess you could say that’s what they’re for, but frogs and lizards eat other insects as well, so they could easily get along without them.  So why in the FUCK do we need mosquitoes?  They’re just a big pain in the ass, and I hate them!  Lol.


  1. I Googled what place to mosquitoes have in the ecosystem and here’s what I got:

    Mosquitoes, no matter how much we dislike them, do indeed have an important role in the ecosystem.

    They are an important food source for a lot of other critters. Bats, swallows, dragonflies and spiders are obvious choices, but there are actually a whole lot of waterfowl and other birds that feed on the aquatic larvae. It’s one of the reasons some birds fly north in the spring – to feast on the larvae of the mosquitoes that are going to be feasting on them.

    They are also pollinators, helping to move pollen around from wildflower to wildflower as they feed on the nectar.

    And their role as a disease vector is also important in the ecological picture. It’s not a pretty picture, but it definitely has a role in the selective pressures and population dynamics of the organisms in the environment.

    So, it appears there’s a use for them after all!

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