Toxic Holocaust-Conjure And Command

Holy shit, Joel Grind must’ve pulled a Robert Johnson and sold his soul to the devil at the crossroads, because the New Toxic Holocaust record is leaps and bounds ahead of anything they (Well, “he”) have previously done.
I thought the last album was great, but it sounds downright shitty in comparison to this modern thrash masterpiece.  Toxic Holocaust is now an official member of the upper echelon of extreme metal.  “Conjure and Command” is an album you’ll be talking about 20 years from now when you’re shooting the shit with your buddies about classic records.  “Rust In Peace, Pleasure to Kill, Wolverine Blues, Conjure and Command, Vulgar Display of Power…”
It’s that good.  Really.  I can’t quite put my finger on what makes this release so godlike, but the brutal, vicious riffing, the Venomous, almost Cronos-like vocals and thick, ass-rapingly heavy bass is a good start.  And how about those drums from Donny Paycheck of Zeke(The only other musician besides Joel to play on the album.)?
The production is beyond excellent, making each instrument sound super-heavy without being muddy.  Current faves include “I am Disease” and “Agony Of the Damned.”  The whole thing’s killer, though.  Not one ounce of filler on this motherfucker.  It’s a vicious assault on your senses, and you won’t want to listen to anything else for about a week after hearing it.  You’ll try to put on some Skeletonwitch or something, and be like, “Meh, let’s give that new Toxic Holocaust another spin.  I’ve only listened to it all the way through five times today.”

(PS:  Posers need not apply.  This album is not suitable for your Killswitch Engage-loving ears and may cause irreparable damage to your auditory canals.  Don’t say I didn’t warn you.)

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