Why horror?

This fall I’ll be unleashing upon the world an anthology of short horror stories.  Why would I do this when horror is the least popular of all literary genres aside from One Direction fanfic?  (That’s actually probably quite popular, come to think of it)  Because I want to, that’s why.
I’m frequently left cold by books and short stories claiming to be “horror” when in reality what the author has done is to put some kind of weird twist on the whole thing in the name of originality that renders it nearly unrecognizable as such.  I can promise you this:  “The Scaries” will be straight-up horror, nothing more, nothing less.  Spine-tingling tales of terror that will make you want to sleep with a nightlight on and the sheets pulled up to your eyeballs.  This is not to say the stories won’t be inventive or thought-provoking, but my God, whatever happened to shit like “Salem’s Lot?”  I’m bringing scary back.  Fuck you hipsters.

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