Drug testing for welfare recipients?

What is the point?  I never see anyone arguing logically for this; it’s always something like, “Well I have to get a drug test to get paid at my job, why shouldn’t they?”

Well, why indeed? Why should those lazy bastards(everyone on welfare is lazy and unwilling to even entertain the thought of working; and they all drive brand new cars)draw a big fat paycheck on the first of the month and live high off the hog on your tax money?

There’s a very open hostility towards welfare recipients in this country, and much of it comes from the reich-wing bile spewed forth from the word-holes of  radio personalities like Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck and Michael Savage.  Legions of their followers believe virtually everything they say and form their opinions based on that.   They simply can’t think for themselves.  Their arguments always consist of buzzwords and quotes from Sarah Palin sound bytes they heard on Fox News.  Words like “progressive” and “liberal” might as well mean “Nazi” and “child molester.”

So naturally they walk around angry and confused all the time, looking for  targets to direct their hatred at.  Welfare recipients are a fine choice, because they “Sit around all day while I work hard” and “look to the government for a handout; nobody never gave me nothin’!”  They hate anyone who benefits from public assistance, and they want to punish them by making them jump through whatever kind of hoops they can place in their paths.

So yeah, no matter what the cost, no matter how unfeasible, let’s make those no-good (insert plural racial epithet here) take a drug test just like I have to!

Why?  Are they driving forklifts?  Are they making important business decisions?  What are they doing that would require them to be subjected to random drug tests?  Nothing, that’s what.  So who cares?
Do you think the vast majority of people on welfare or food stamps enjoy the stigma that comes with that?  Don’t you think many of them would like to be as fortunate as you are with your fancy JOB?  That’s the problem; you think you are better than those people because you are gainfully employed.  What happens if that suddenly changes and you find yourself down on your luck?  Will you suddenly change your tune?

Why don’t you judge people on a case-by-case basis rather than making blanket condemnations of everyone on welfare?  Matter of fact, why don’t you just stop judging other people entirely and mind your own damn business?  Be grateful you have a job and don’t worry about what other folks are doing.  Just shut the fuck up and live your own life.
My name is Patrick Walts and I have never been on welfare.

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