5 modern metal bands to watch out for

From the hallowed halls of ancient tombs to the shimmering slopes of frozen mountain peaks, an archaic dirge resonates faintly and eternally— the lingering of a sound once so huge that it could be heard across oceans in distant lands. It was said that long ago, three men harvested the power of sonic amplification through arcane wizardry and dark bargainings with powerful demons, and that they used this power to create a band with powerful, heavy music unlike any that had ever been heard before.

This ancient fellowship is none other than the almighty PILGRIM, a three-piece doom metal band from Rhode Island, USA. With a mix of destruction, misery and beauty, these young disciples of doom blend a surprisingly original sword & sorcery feel with the classic chest-caving heaviness of the masters: Black Sabbath, Saint Vitus, Reverend Bizarre and Pentagram. Their thick walls of majestically darkened guitar, massive booming bass, and dangerously powerful yet calculated drumming lull listeners into an intense dream-like trance, abducting them to places they never knew were dwelling within their own minds.

The band formed in early 2010 and was built on the worship of “true doom metal”. Krolg, the Slayer of Man (drums), Count Elric the Soothsayer (bass) and The Wizard (guitars and vocals) have set out on a holy pilgrimage of domination through amplification.

Tucked away high up in the US’ New England coastline, you can find PILGRIM making their fabled pilgrimages to New York City to showcase their mysterious songwriting for shadowy un-lit rooms of coked-out metal-heads.

PILGRIM is a sonic documentation of the friendship of 3 young men inspired and awe-stricken by the dark sounds of traditional doom metal. Something sinister always seems to be following in their footsteps. Hear them soon, before it’s too late…”

Started by brothers Adam and Michael, A HILL TO DIE UPON has been characterized by a constant drive to better the music and the inability to give up. After forming in the Winter of 2005, many demos and uncountable shows, AHTDU found it’s niche in extreme metal with Elisha Mullins and Ravn Furfjord (ex Antestor and Frosthardr). While releasing their first full length, INFINITE TITANIC IMMORTAL, AHTDU has made great strides in their titanic onslaught.

DISMA was formed in 2007 by Guitarists, Bill Venner and Daryl Kahan with the intention of creating some Heavy and Morbid Death Metal.  During this period the duo began (de)composing their first compositions and arrangements which laid the groundwork for what was to come. Drummer Shawn Eldridge joined the ranks along with bassist Randi Stokes in 2008. Vocalist Craig Pillard joined Disma later that year, completing the line-up.

Black Tusk (often written as Blacktusk) is an American heavy metal power trio from Savannah, Georgia. The band was formed in 2005, when its members were all living on the same street. With the dissolution of Andrew Fidler (guitar, vocals) and Jonathan Athon (bass, vocals) crust punk band and James May (drums, vocals) street punk band, Andrew and Athon went down the street to James’ house and asked him if he wanted to play with them. During the next few days they jammed continuously, and within a few months they had recorded the EP When Kingdoms Fall, which was released on Wrecked Signal. Two years later the band self-released their first full-length studio album, The Fallen Kingdom, followed by another a year later with Passage Through Purgatory, released through the local label Hyperrealist Records. In 2009, Black Tusk released a series of split albums with bands such as ASG, The Holy Mountain, and Fight Amp, before sign to Relapse Records in November. The band released its debut for Relapse, Taste the Sin, in May 2010.

Black Tusk is mostly associated with Baroness and Kylesa, for their shared hometown of Savannah, as well as for their sludge metal sound. The band is linked to Baroness’ guitarist and vocalist John Dyer Baizley, who is also a painter and creates all of Black Tusk’s artwork. Black Tusk’s members describe their music as “swamp metal,” a term that has been described by Allmusic as “the murkiest, dirtiest sludge [metal] to come out of Savannah since Kylesa”. The term is a reference to the climate of Savannah in relation to the music that the band create. Reviewing the album Taste the Sin, Pitchfork Media stated that the band’s blend of hardcore punk and stoner metal “works to capitalize on the immediacy of its chosen genres and not to bend them into obscurity.”Black Tusk acknowledges its punk rock origins, but prefer not to cite a list of bands that influence them because they feel that it is ineffective since they are not “trying to emulate any one band’s style or any one genre’s sound.”


Triptykon is essential a continuation of the mighty Celtic Frost under a new name.  Enough said.

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