Too Rich?

I’ve never understood what drives people to accumulate more money than either they or their heirs will ever be able to spend. And it’s never enough! There’s never a cutoff point where they go, “Ok, I’m good. I’ve got ten billion dollars, multiple mansions, a jet or two, a pet tiger, an island full of cloned dinosaurs…I’m just gonna sit here and enjoy life.”

And I get it, if you’ve worked your way up the food chain and bumped your status in life from prey to predator, I get that. You have all this money and you don’t know how to act. I feel you.

But what about those born with platinum spoons in their mouths? Are they capable of comprehending what it’s like to be human? To struggle, to fight over crumbs? Have they ever talked themselves out of a potentially life-saving ER visit because they don’t know how they’ll pay for it? Have they ever used a tube of gorilla glue to reattach the sole of a shoe because they can’t afford new ones? Do they know what gorilla glue is? Have they been forced to subsist on ramen noodles until their next meager paycheck arrives in their back account?

Odd that I should feel pity for such people, but I do. They can’t possibility have a healthy, well-rounded perspective on life. What if a Kardashian was reduced to working at McDonald’s to make ends meet? They’d fucking drop dead or quit within two days.

And yet millions of us, on the daily, toil away for our corporate masters who sit on their thrones and reap the rewards of our blood, sweat and tears, occasionally tossing us their table scraps…and we’re grateful for it.

Things like going to the movies, enjoying a steak dinner, taking a vacation…We appreciate these things because they’re special. These rich folks shit in a gold toilet and have underlings scrambling to meet their every need. What’s special to them? What do they have to look forward to when they already have everything?I don’t wanna be broke, but I don’t wanna be like THAT, either. I simply want my basic needs met and to not be consumed by the anxiety that accompanies living without a safety net.

There are people who don’t own coats and can’t afford new socks. And there are people to whom caviar is about as big of a deal as a can of Pringles to the rest of us. It’s kind of insane, when you think about it. Can such people, not having experienced the flip side of life, the complete and utter destitution most of us face at one time or another, truly be happy? Can they appreciate what they have without that other perspective? I don’t know. Maybe they can. Maybe some can and others can’t, I don’t know. Is that why it’s never enough? Is that why they, in the midnight hour, baby, cry “more, more more?” Because they’re perpetually searching for that ever-elusive sense of fulfillment that always seems to be just another million bucks away? Seems like a terribly depressing existence.

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