When I was a child…

I didn’t speak as a child. I didn’t think as a child. Not in the traditional sense. And yet I’m still waiting to become a “man” so that I can finally put away those childish things.

What things? Oh, depression, anxiety, perpetual emotional turbulence. These things have always been with me. My memory goes as far back as the age of three, and my earliest memories of feeling anxious and worried or sad ALL THE TIME start around five.

I remember an older, adult cousin talking about being stressed. I said “that sounds like me.”

“You’re too young to be stressed.”

Ok. Then someone would mention and describe depression…”Hey, that sounds like me!”

“You’re too young to be depressed.”

Hmmm. Alrighty. They also told me I was too young to have heartburn when I complained of having it constantly.

Anyhoo, bottom line, believe your kids when they tell you shit like that. Or don’t. I don’t give a fuck. This is about me and my issues. Matta fact, fuck your kids.

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