I don’t watch the news.

And I don’t keep up with current events, either.

Oh, sure, I’ll pop my head out of the sand every once in awhile to see what all the fuss is about when some trending political topic has everyone shitting on themselves, but I have entirely too much anxiety as it is to exacerbate it by feeding an ever-flowing digital stream of venom and vitriol into my psyche. Fuck that shit.

Here’s the thing: Trump’s gonna Trump. With or without my approval. I’ve no interest in adding my own voice to the choir. All the weeping and gnashing of teeth, it’s too much…all of the fucking arguing and negativity, the hatred expressed for one another over what to me amounts to a lot of temporary nonsense. No one will care in 100 years. And I’ve stopped caring now. For my own sanity.

I think some would view this stance as irresponsible. And maybe it would be if they adopted it. Maybe they are mentally equipped to jump into the trenches and engage the enemy (those with opinions different than theirs)in an endless war of insults and name-calling that inevitably results in a stalemate because the minds of all involved parties are vacuum sealed shut. But I’m not, and don’t ask me to enlist. You do you, and I’ll do me. And maybe your sister.

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