Invasive species

I often observe people. Invent backstories for them based upon what little I can glean from their appearance and demeanor. People are so uniquely individual with so many layers, such a rich sense of depth and potential…

Or are they? I’m sitting by the highway watching cars drive by and enjoying the sunlight.

This interconnected system of roads and bridges we’ve constructed so that we can go to work and bring things back to our nests is so insect-like.

We’re all moving together in organized chaos, coexisting in the same hive mind, essentially.

When someone engages in behavior that is a detriment to the hive, we take collaborative action to prevent them from continuing to do so, unless of course they are rich or famous, in which case the same rules do not apply to them as they do us lowly drones.

We’re ants.

Except ants have a purpose; they have a reason for being here; they play a part in the ecosystem.

We infest and destroy. We have no reason to be here.

Imagine being an alien peering out the viewport of his flying saucer at the hustle and bustle of humanity.

We’re so busy running around tearing shit up, tunneling, building, rushing to and fro that you could easily be forgiven, Mr Alien, for mistaking us for a destructive, invasive species. Our anthills are just a little more high-tech than the ones we regularly kick over for fun and also to see what happens.

And actually, there’s nothing to forgive, because you’re right. We can’t legitimately take offense at the truth.

We ascribe ourselves so much importance, give so much weight to our routine comings and goings…guess what?

We ain’t shit. Remember that. No action you take or decline to take is going to impact anything, and in 100 years none of it will matter.

There’ll be all new humans bustling about with a sky-is-falling urgency. And we’ll continue on in that fashion until we destroy ourselves.

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