I won’t argue online.

I have absolutely no inclination towards arguing with anyone on my phone, laptop, or any other device that connects to the internet.

I used to. I think most people do. They see someone posting something outrageous that they, as sensible people, disagree with and they simply must speak their minds to let the offending party know exactly how wrong he or she is using language more hostile than one would typically employ face-to-face in an interaction with a stranger.

I’m over it. I’ve been over it for years, and by training myself to resist the impulse to engage, I’ve eliminated a ton of unnecessary and most certainly unneeded stress.

No one wins, because no one is ever convinced that his or her position is wrong. And in many cases, no one is “wrong.” They’re arguing over differences in opinion that can never be proven as fact.

Move over, baseball, arguing online has officially replaced you as America’s pastime.

It’s out of control, and it’s toxic. And I want no part of it.

I see Trump supporters spewing the most hateful shit imaginable at Trump haters, backed up by “info-memes” or links to bogus articles from sketchy “news” sites. And I see the Trump haters doing exactly the same thing. People are just throwing propaganda at one another and it’s all very pointless and non-constructive.

I’ll speak my opinion in a civilized manner, certainly, but the moment I’m met with hostility, BLOCK. I don’t need the negativity in my life. I won’t argue with you. I won’t defend my position if it’s readily apparent that your mind is firmly clamped shut like a bear trap. BLOCK, BLOCK, BLOCK.

Come at me with an informed opinion or GTFO. I’m not interested in participating in any comment thread wars and I’m not interested in telling you why I like a band or a movie or a book that you think sucks. Fuck outta my face with that, I have no time for you.

I don’t want to live in an echo chamber. I want to hear opinions that differ from mine. But I won’t give the time of day to any preemptively hostile motherfuckers, because I’m one who believes in closely examining an issue from all sides prior to running my fucking mouth about it like some bullshit article I just read is gospel.

THINK. Use the brains that God gave you. Don’t just hook up to the matrix and allow your mind to be filled with nonsense that you endlessly parrot on social media until you lose friends and stress yourselves out. Because who cares? It’s a circular exercise with no end. You’re just a hamster running on a wheel until it tires itself out. And on the end you’ve accomplished nothing other than getting yourself all riled up. Just chill and let things go. Scroll on by. Pick your battles wisely. If it’s important enough to debate, debate nice. Treat others online with the same respect you’d treat someone with in public. None of us are that much different from one another.


  1. Well said. I totally agree! Why waste time arguing with people who are only interested in convincing you that you’re wrong? No one takes any new knowledge or any benefit away from those types of arguments. No point. Waste of time and energy.

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