You’re allowed to contradict yourself

In Star Trek Season one, episode five, The Enemy Within, Captain Kirk is split into two Captain Kirks following a transporter malfunction.

One of them represents Kirk’s docile, vulnerable side, and the other represents primitive aggression and sexual instinct.

The smarter of these two Kirks eventually realizes he needs both of these “sides” to keep each other in check and form a well-rounded person.

Anyway, long story short, they made the two Kirks back into one and the Enterprise was soon ferrying Harry Mudd’s mail order brides to horny settlers on Ophiuchus III.

There is a dichotomy that exists in all of us, between what we tend to think of as “good” and “evil.”‘

Remember when 2pac was accused of being a hypocrite because supposedly misogynistic or violent songs like “I get around” or “all about you” were contrasted by the uplifting, positive sentimentality of “Brenda’s got a baby” and “Keep ya head up?”

Guess what? People are multifaceted. We aren’t politically correct inside. We aren’t polite in our private thoughts and sometimes we feel angry and lash out. It’s not an accurate indicator of a person’s true core. It’s simply an emotional gauge. And if we’re going to be honest with ourselves, we all have a dark side. We all say things we don’t mean in the heat of the moment. Or we do mean them, but only in that moment. People are complex. We can’t for certain know another’s innermost thoughts.

Most people subscribe to the idea that what one blurts out while drunk or angry is what they truly believe. I don’t believe that. It can be, but you don’t know that for sure. Ever hear a kid say “I hate you!” to his parents? Do you think the kid really did hate them? Of course not. He’s just saying what he’s feeling at that moment. Do you hold that kid to that the next time he tells his mom he loves her? But you said you hated her!

People do shit. They say shit. Emotion dictates what that shit is. Random remarks that are seemingly incompatible with the values you’ve established yourself as having don’t negate everything good that you’ve done. And it doesn’t make you a hypocrite to contradict yourself. You have many different layers. We all do. Even 23rd century starship captains.

2 thoughts on “You’re allowed to contradict yourself

  1. Being multi-layered … and then add on bipolar!😃
    Thought provoking and as always inspires introspection.

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