Punk rock chapters

When it comes to reading novels, or any books containing chapters, I prefer that those chapters be short. I’ve quit reading books because the chapters were long on words, but low on substance.

Give me those punk chapters. I almost want to hear the writer shouting “1 2 3 4!” like Tommy Ramone at the beginning of each one.

Concise and concentrated bursts that say a lot without bogging the reader down with a bunch of pretentious fluff; that’s what the fuck I want. That’s how I write, because that’s what I like. Keep the fucking story flowing from chapter to chapter with mini-cliffhangers at the end that keep me looking forward to the next one. And the next one. And the next one.

I’m not saying that long chapters don’t have their place, but when they’re obviously and intentionally padded with a lot of pretentious claptrap designed to show the reader how smart the author is, and how many big words he or she knows, there’s a very real possibility that I’m going to lose interest.

More crisp and crunchy three-chord chapters, less Emerson Lake and Palmer keyboard solo chapters. Simple and catchy. A quick shot to the brain before I drift off to sleep. šŸ˜“ Take this with a grain of salt, though , and remember: https://patrickwalts.wordpress.com/2018/02/13/youre-allowed-to-contradict-yourself/

One comment

  1. This is what I’m doing at the moment, going through and removing fluff and filler. Say what needs to be said and keep it at that. I realized that many times I use too many descriptive words or explain one thing in two sentences, when the first explanation sufficed or maybe wasn’t even needed. I want the reader to know or feel certain things without having to read superfluous words. And LONG chapters. My sin. And I hate long chapters too. (eye roll)

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