I’m not fooled…

I can’t be lied to or manipulated without my being aware of the attempt. I always know when the person talking to me is full of fucking shit. It’s not any one thing that gives them away. It’s a series of clues that when put together, like pieces of a puzzle, form a complete picture of the subject being totally full of shit.

There’s body language, which isn’t really much to go on by itself, but that’s one element. Tone, facial expression, eye darting, hands not still, etc…

The most important clue, however, is overcompensation. If someone suddenly volunteers some piece of mundane, trivial information with a level of exuberance that’s clearly unwarranted, and peppers what they’re saying with subtle compliments, that’s a smokescreen. They’re buttering you up for something.

Insincerity has a smell. To me, it does, anyway. And it stinks. It’s an offensive stench, made even worse by the fact that it’s been intentionally inflicted upon my nostrils by someone who thinks I don’t know what’s going on. Guess again, fuckers. By playing along and employing the same tactics against you in a much more skilled fashion, I’m manipulating you. You’re getting the impression I’m fooled, because I’m allowing you to. I’ve planted, in your mind, the idea that you’ve successfully tricked me into falling for your bullshit.

Like I’ve stated before in this very blog, OCD is an exhausting affliction, but the constant, lifelong poring over everyday minutia has given me a keen sense of perception when it comes to the emotions and intentions of others.

I used to get angry when someone would approach me and strike up a conversation that was clearly leading to asking me for something, or tricking me into doing something. I don’t get mad anymore. I play dumb. And they think they’ve succeeded. Poor, deluded fools(read that in an Adam West voice for maximum effect, please).

When you allow people to think you’re as dense as they are, you’ve gained the upper hand. You can reach into their brains and push their buttons any time you wish, all the while letting them believe they are the ones pulling the strings.

And I’m not trying to be insulting. I realize that most people don’t think as deeply as I do, and that’s ok. In fact, I prefer it that way. It’s one of the few things that makes me special.

So by all means, keep it up! Keep giving me glimpses of the control panel behind your eyes. I got the prefix code to lower your shields, baby.

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