There’s no way to fix this mess…

Legions of people are spreading fake news online, every day. By the millions. And they’re reading it, and they’re believing it.

The crackpot territory once exclusively occupied by the likes of Timothy Mcveigh and the unabomber has moved into the mainstream and made itself at home. It’s got its dirty fucking socks up on the coffee table and it’s eating all of your totino’s pizza rolls and never doing the dishes.

Everything these people(your family, friends, coworkers etc)say is eye-rollingly cliched. “You just believe whatever the LIBERAL media tells you, I think for MYSELF.”

Actually, no. No you don’t. You’re regurgitating out-of-context little factoids that have been processed through the propaganda machines of your choice and robbed of all nuance. Red pill, blue pill…same difference. Goes for the left as well as the right; both full of extremism, both closed off to any kind of meaningful dialogue between the two “sides.”

You’re choosing to believe anything that conforms to your narrow-minded worldview. You aren’t seeking facts. You don’t want to hear truth. You want examples of why people who don’t subscribe to the same propaganda as you are just sooooo dumb.

It’s far too late to do anything about it. The lid that sat atop the Pandora’s box we’ve opened has gone missing, presumably stolen and pawned by methheads or something. Who knows. Doesn’t. matter. We’re fucked. America needs a reboot. We’ve gotten too fucking stupid. We’re a sinking, stinking, flaming garbage barge adrift in a turbulent, frothy, fishy, salty mess of an ocean of attention-craving, self-righteous histrionics and mass hysteria.

The solution, of course, is for people to start being kind to one another and respecting each other’s differences, even if their views are opposed to ours. Virulent hatred shouldn’t be our default knee-jerk reaction to, well, everything.

But that’s too much to ask, of course. The general public doesn’t seem to possess the emotional or mental capacity to embrace diversity or to accept that there are others out there who may not think the same way they do about every single thing.

Step outside of your particular matrix fantasy world for a moment and take a good look, from the outside, objectively. It’s all so silly, isn’t it?

What were we like before we flooded our minds with a steady diet of political talk radio venom for four hours daily, before Rush Limbaugh and his spiritual offspring kicked off all of this crazy bullshit decades ago?

To get your hate fix nowadays, of course, you don’t have to wait for some cigar-chomping fat fuck railing against feminazis through gritted teeth to hit the airwaves. You can log in to Facebook or twitter or join one of the nomadic barbarian tribes who legends say still roam the myspace wastes, scrounging for glitter gifs. You can load up on bullshit at the breitbart buffet until you puke and make room for more.

I remember a time when people with opposing political views could coexist and even like each other, because they were able to compartmentalize. It’s all or nothing, now, though. Good vs evil, elephant vs donkey. Gang warfare, red vs blue, slobs vs crabs…

I choose not to be a part of it. And I invite everyone within the sound of my voice(figuratively speaking, of course)to question themselves. Their beliefs. Always be open to reevaluation. No one knows everything. No one is right. No one is wrong. We all simply have opinions.

Next time you hear someone spouting an opinion that is offensive to you, try letting it go! Pick your battles! It’s wonderful! It’s a terrific feeling, it’s yooj. The best.

If you can’t do that, and you must insist on engaging in fruitless arguments with other closed-minded individuals, be civil. Be a fucking adult, even if the person you’re talking to won’t. Don’t stoop to their level. That’s our problem, we’ve made the act of stooping an acceptable excuse for bad behavior. “Well, he did it first!!!”

Cut that shit out. Love your neighbor. I say this to myself as well because I have days when I’d just as soon piss on a stranger’s corpse in the street after its been mangled by a hit-and-run driver. Fuck ’em, right? We all have those days.

But to perpetually exist in that state, to the point it becomes your worldview…check yourself.

You can’t maintain that level of anger forever. Let it go. It doesn’t matter.

Of course no one will do any such thing, hence the title of this post. Fuck off, humans.

5 thoughts on “There’s no way to fix this mess…

  1. I swear, we can’t have nice things. The whole “always having to pick a side” mentality that divides people is a cancer that will devour us all. I can also remember a time when politicians would actually attempt to work together. It really is no longer the “art of the compromise”. It’s more like, if I can’t get my way, I’m going to block anything productive from ever happening.

  2. Yeah, it’s dumb. The reason we have two parties is balance. One side isn’t supposed to “win” over the other. They’re supposed to achieve a compromise satisfactory to the average person so that we can all progress and improve our society. Instead they feel like stopping the “enemy” is the goal.

  3. But it’s why I try my hardest not to be insulting towards friends and family shitting the most ignorant things out of their mouths. It’s not malicious, they believe that shit. They’ve been led to believe it by people who have exploited their fears and sold them a bottle of snake oil. It happens. It’s sad, but I don’t hate them because of it. We hate people now if they don’t check the right box on a ballot, it’s absurd

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