Rating Women

A couple of guys at work were checking some chick out one day, rating her on a 1-10 scale and they asked me what I’d rate her.

“I don’t rate,” I said.

You don’t rate? How can you not rate?”

And it’s true, I don’t rate. Not by number, anyway. My opinion of a woman is a little more nuanced than what a simple 1-10 rating can properly cover.

That aside though, I find it extremely cringeworthy.

You see an attractive woman pass by. Naturally, you notice her, check her out. All perfectly normal.

And then you assign her a number. A human being, with hopes, dreams, struggles, fears, joys, likes, dislikes and interests, her personality a culmination of her experiences through the years…you’ve relegated her to the status of a number. Who wants to be a number? Is this Black Mirror? Nobody wants to be a number.

You’ve compartmentalized a person, stuck her in a little box and put a label on it, and to you, that’s all she is. That’s borderline sociopathic in my eyes.

And before you think, Listen to this white knight feminist pussy-ass PC liberal fucktardation this brainwashed sjw cuck is spewing, let me assure you that it’s not like that. This is about the subtle dehumanization of people. And I simply choose not to participate in it.

2 thoughts on “Rating Women

  1. Amen! I absolutely hate the whole rating women thing. As I’ve grown older, I’ve noticed that the men around me are less and less prone to do this. I’d like to believe that’s because it’s something people just grow out of, but I guess that’s not always the case.

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