The corporate filter between the artist and the fan

Almost everything we consume is “brought to us by” some major corporation looking to hawk its product by shoving it in our faces. You want music? Movies? Your favorite tv show? A book? A funny vid someone posted online? Well, you’re going to have to go through them.

It’s a necessary evil, especially in these days of people being entirely unwilling to pay for anything Entertainment-related.

These corporations aren’t fans of the things they sponsor. They’re soulless cash vacuums jumping on opportunities to get their products in front of your eyeballs.

Does this matter? I suppose not, in the long run. But I don’t want them to think for one minute that I’m going to be influenced.

The magic remains whether Pepsi or AT&T or monster energy drink is involved. Do I thank them by purchasing their products simply because they’ve enabled me to see Slayer? Fuck no. Say your piece and get the fuck out, KFC. Ok, whatever, I’ll sit through your ad until the skip button pops up, Geico.

No one gives a fuck about your stupid company and it’s a shame that you’re the ones who have to be the vehicles that deliver art to the masses, but here we are, and this is how it is. And I don’t care much know way or the other.

It is cool, though, to discover a band before they get sucked into the machine, or to follow a band who eschews such corporate sponsorship, even if it dooms them to the underground forever. I wouldn’t fault them if they accepted opportunities for exposure from major corporations though. Get your money. Get all the money and stuff you can. Let them think they’re cool. We know they never will be. Art transcends all.

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