Pick your battles

You know the routine; someone tweets something controversial, outrage ensues, and apologies are demanded in order to maintain decorum.

Everyone’s walking on eggshells, afraid of saying something that will offend even the most marginal but vocal group of people.

It’s a witch hunt, essentially, and people are pointing fingers and shouting “wiiiiitch!” at anyone saying anything that sounds strange or improper to them, lest they themselves be accused of practicing witchcraft.

People have been getting their feelings hurt by the words of others since time immemorial. And that’s ok. It’s normal to be offended by things. It’s human nature.

I’m offended by a lot of things people say, but I don’t necessarily feel compelled to call them out on it. Why bother? Besides creating more drama, what would it achieve? Do we change people’s hearts and minds by chastising them or destroying their lives/careers over some off the cuff comment they made in the heat of the moment? Who cares?

Do we need fucking candlelight vigils and shitty t-shirts and singalongs and Gofundme accounts every time someone says something socially unacceptable? People are fucking ridiculous and need to learn how to live their own lives and have their own opinions and shrug off the opinions of those they disagree with. In 100 years, no one will give a shit about any of it.

Obviously when the offender in question holds public office, that’s something else entirely, and when a politician elected to represent all of us demonstrates a lack of restraint with an unwise public statement, he or she should be held accountable. For everyone else however, sure, call ’em out on it, if it’s bad enough. I mean, whatever. But the world keeps turning. And it isn’t required to spin at a speed that’s customized to your personal preferences. Live and let live and learn to shrug shit off once in awhile. Everything doesn’t have to turn into a “thing.”

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