There’s nothing wrong with Kanye West’s Trump love

Let me get this out of the way now: I’m not a fan of Donald Trump’s. I didn’t like him before he ran for office and I didn’t vote for him…

Kanye West is his own man, though. If he wants to praise Donald Trump, that doesn’t mean he’s going insane or having a mental breakdown. What he is having is an opinion. Everyone’s entitled to have one of those about everything.

I’m not a fan of Kanye’s music, either. I’ve never liked it. I grew up with Run-DMC, LL Cool J, Ice-T, Cypress Hill, Snoop, Dre, DMX, 2Pac, Cube, DJ Quik, Too $hort, Public Enemy, etc etc etc. I don’t “get” Kanye. It isn’t my thing. It doesn’t resonate with me.

That being said, I’m a fan of his ego, and of the way he stands his ground in the face of criticism.

People hate him for the same reasons they hate Lars Ulrich, Axl Rose, Ted Nugent, the Oasis bros, Bono, Dave Mustaine, John Lydon, Gene Simmons, etc. “He’s a primadonna! Shut up and play!”

There must be a constant barrage of such comments coming at these folks all day long, but they just bounce off of them like raindrops off of a Lamborghini windshield. Doesn’t bother them at all. They don’t give a shit, because they know they’re great, and they know they’re right. They’re outspoken people with strong opinions and they aren’t afraid to express them. People hate that, because they wish they had the balls or the clout to be like that themselves.

When Kanye took the stage at that telethon to say “George Bush doesn’t care about black people,” that was some punk rock shit, right there. Same goes for the Taylor Swift incident. He’s a status quo shaker-upper, and I admire that about him.

What I’m gathering from the online outrage in response to his proclamations of love for Trump is that he’s somehow violated some sort of rigid set of rules that black people have imposed upon themselves, rules that dictate what one is permitted to think, say or do. Violation of any of these rules results in revocation of their blackness and a designation of “Uncle Tom.”

Kanye doesn’t give a shit about any of that shit, and although it really isn’t my place to offer advice to black people regarding how they should feel about things as black people, in my opinion he’s all the better for it. He doesn’t need anyone else’s rules because he makes his own, and it works for him. If he wants to endorse Trump, hey, that’s his business. If you let his opinion impact your life, that’s your problem.

[edit: I can’t believe I’m talking about all this pop culture bullshit, but whatever.]

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