We did it, y’all! Number one!

I’m not a conspiracy theorist by any means, but it’s kind of funny how “they” make money from locking these poor and uneducated people up, and then upon release hit them with a bill that they’ll never be able to pay off; meanwhile, the next crop is sprouting up, receiving the worst education America has to offer, with token gestures being thrown at the problem by grandstanding Oklahoma legislators, setting them up for later incarceration. Not saying it’s done on purpose, but poor education leads to crime leads to incarceration leads to more money in the pockets of the child-molesting theocrats who rule over us with an iron fist. You know Scott Pruitt, right? We gave you Scott Pruitt. And he wasn’t even one of our worst ones! You guys seriously have no fucking idea what kind of fuckery these people are up to down here.

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