Patrick Walts

Can the constantly firing synapses and resulting emotional turmoil of OCD be of any practical use to those of us afflicted by this insidious disorder?

I can remember exhibiting signs of OCD by the time I was five. I’ve always had a scarily good memory. I can lie. I can manipulate the shit out of people if I want to. I can draw information out of people that they normally wouldn’t volunteer. Without trying. Just by listening without judgment.

I’m not an asshole, though. I don’t utilize my manipulative skills unless I’m trying to get myself out of trouble. 😂

On a more positive note, I also tend to pick up on the subtle signals people project when they are in the midst of semi-heightened but well-concealed states of emotional distress, and I know words. My vocabulary rolls deep, son. And I know how to use them to convey exactly…

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