Your own backyard

Patrick Walts

A few weeks ago I missed my turn when driving home from work. I took an exit off 1-35 to a street I was unfamiliar with, and while trying to recalculate my route I drove past a field littered with old tanks, helicopters and jets.

Now, I’ve lived in Oklahoma City for twenty years and I’ve never seen or heard of the 45th infantry division museum.

It’s state run, admission is free, and it’s staffed by a bunch of retired vets who love to tell stories.

One such vet who I met today when I finally decided to pay the place a visit told me all about how he’d been stationed at Dachau soon after its liberation by Allied Forces.

From Wikipedia:

The 45th Infantry Division was an infantrydivision of the United States Army, part of the Oklahoma Army National Guard, from 1920 to 1968. Headquartered…

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