I’ve just finished watching “Battlefield Earth.”

I know it’s one of the most critically-reviled movies of all time, but having watched and enjoyed it both upon its initial release and on Netflix this morning nearly 20 years later, I still can’t for the life of me figure out exactly why it’s so hated.

Do people assume it’s terrible without having seen it because others have said so and it’s caught on? Is it because it was a colossal failure commercially?

I don’t know, because there’s far worse movies out there that people absolutely love. Transformers comes to mind, for one. It’s no worse than that. It’s better, in fact.

Mankind is enslaved by a greedy alien corporation, learns what it means to be human again and reclaims its world from the invaders. What’s wrong with that? It’s a solid flick. I don’t get it. But then again I liked Waterworld.

11 thoughts on “I’ve just finished watching “Battlefield Earth.”

  1. I need to see waterworld again. I think much of the hoopla about battlefield earth was because of the Scientology associations. To me it works as a campy, over-the-top weirdass sci-fi action popcorn flick.

  2. Patrick, Patrick, Patrick. One of these days?? One of these days??!! Um. You need to watch Firefly. They only made 13 episodes. Then you need to watch Serenity. You’re life will change (lol). And the fifth element is an awesome sci-fi just waiting for you to love it.

  3. I also thought Waterworld was pretty okay. There were a couple of parts that made me roll my eyes, but overall I enjoyed it.

    The Fifth Element, as Tara says, is a really fun movie. There was one character that grated on my nerves so much I kept wishing he would JUST DIE, but alas, he never did. Even with that handicap, I’ve watched the movie more than once.

    I loved Battlefield Earth as a book, but never felt like seeing the movie. Maybe I’ll go look it up. If it’s in the same likeability vein as Waterworld, it could be worthwhile.

  4. I noticed firefly was on Hulu or amazon or one of those, I’ll have to check it out. Used to hang out with this girl who always wanted me to watch the fifth element but we never did, she’d rant and rave about how I just had to see it.

  5. Haha! Nice. I like Firefly because it’s like a western and sci-fi mixed together! I like the fifth element but I’m not dogmatic about it. It’s just fun to watch here and there. I like Dune better. Especially the books.

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