A Valentine’s Day pep talk

My Facebook feed this morning is abuzz with grown men talking about how love is bullshit, women don’t like nice guys, and Valentine’s Day is stupid, etc etc etc.

Let me tell you something, man-to -man, that you desperately need to hear, and in the most blunt way possible so that there’s no room for misinterpretation: Stop it. You’re being a pussy.

Someone needs to tell you that your problem is self-perpetuating. YOU are responsible for the constant rejection you face by women. Your whining and complaining is massively unattractive to the opposite sex, thus ensuring continued “friend zone” status. You’re the one who locked yourself in that particular cage.

If a guy complains to me that he’s not had sex in years, I’m baffled. Go fuckin’ have it, you retard! Fuck. It’s all over the place!

They don’t dislike you because you’re nice. They dislike you because you’re a bitch.

If a women rejects you, man the fuck up and go get another one. It isn’t rocket science. If you think you’re the shit, you’ll project that and they’ll pick up on it. If you’re thinking like a pussy they’ll pick up on that too, and they might feel sorry for you and be nice to you but there’s no way you’re getting any further than that.

And don’t turn it around and get deflective like “Yeah but women do this and this and that…” Ok? So what? You can’t control what people do. But you can control yourself and the image you project to the world.

This is all 100% fact. You can get defensive and cry about it, or you can heed my advice and fix your problem.

Happy Valentine’s Day.

6 thoughts on “A Valentine’s Day pep talk

  1. A girl I went on a date with at 19, over 20 years ago, was not enjoying herself and I couldn’t figure out why. I called her days later and asked what was up, and she basically told me what I just posted, and at first I moped and cried and felt sorry for myself, but the truth hurts and I was better for having heard it and learned from it.

  2. Annoyed off-the-cuff rant. I see something that aggravates me and I pick up my phone and bitch about it instead of creating pointless in-person drama. Get it out of my system. 😄

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