30 thoughts on “The Gatekeepers

  1. Haha, that’s intriguing! Out of genuine interest here – no sarcasm I swear – do you hate the word “poultry” as well? I feel like I would 😀
    (and that’s a shame, because you’re really good at it!)

  2. Oh, the poetry thing was more high school, back in the 90s. I felt really embarrassed about writing poems, it was dumb. I assumed people would think I was a fraud because I wasn’t doing it right. Now I realize that there is no “right” way to write anything, despite what people say. No one has ever said anything negative about anything I’ve ever written so it was all in my head. What’s right is what’s right for me.

  3. But I think it all stems from a common issue any creative people have, the feeling of being a fraud, like what you’re doing isn’t legit. It took me years to figure out that all the advice people give about what to do and what not to do is all bullshit. And people judge their work against this flurry of often contradictory “do this/do” that advice. Every last bit of it is bullshit. No one who doesn’t live in your head can tell you that what you’re putting down on paper is wrong. I see all this stuff online with people like “Well, your book has to have a first, second, and third act and you have to have the protagonist in this or that type of situation, blah blah blah.” That kind of advice is why stuff sucks now, in my opinion. I’d rather see, read or hear something that takes me somewhere I haven’t been before. So now I’m writing with complete disregard to convention and it’s very freeing. I saw a post on a Facebook writer’s group in which a girl asked “Is it okay in fantasy to give my characters guns?” And people rationalized it all out but in wildly contradictory ways. Some said no and explained why. Others said yes and explained why. Another writer asked if it was ok to write in the first person. People said no! Don’t ask these fucking losers what you should do. Who are they? The advice I use as a loose guide cones from Stephen King’s book “on writing.” I don’t necessarily agree with ALL of what he says but I respect it and take it into account. But he’s Stephen King, not some rando. People shit on him all the time now trying to be Edgelords but he knows what he’s doing. To put it in perspective, there used to be a lot of stuffy academic types sitting around scoffing at people who thought the earth was round. The same types of people exist today and they’re all over the place. People tend to form their opinions on writing based on what works for them. People who stand out are the ones who don’t listen and forge their own paths. What bluebprint did Mark Twain follow? His own. What if people told Mary Shelley that Frankenstein was a trash idea and it didn’t fit into whatever box it was supposed to? I’m sure they did, but she wrote it anyway. That’s a weirdass, far-out book for its time. I want to get on that level.

  4. Recently my cousin came to stay for a while, and got inspired by my poems to write his own.
    Which was great, but I’d watch him struggling, trying SO hard, sitting there all day trying to make his style into something that other people wanted.
    In doing that, he completely lost so many wonderful poems.
    I remember thinking that it shouldn’t be hard, and if it is, it should at least be enjoyable.

    I went through that stage with my music – never use your fingers this way!! Never do that! Always sit up straight! You can’t write a song like that!
    It’s all bullshit, and I ended up learning in my own way instead.
    What works for you is what you should do.

    I agree utterly and completely, and I really respect you for writing the way that comes easiest to you – because that’s what makes it GOOD!!!

  5. I’m really not interested in making rap music anymore because it’s a tedious and time-consuming process and I’d rather focus on one thing(writing), was just a project I had to get out of my system about a decade ago. That tweet was a year and a half or so ago, just for fun. I did recently upload all of my songs(about 20 or 30) to YouTube. They’re purposely as offensive as I could possibly make them because that’s where my head was at the time. 😂 For awhile I was also doing stuff inspired by film score music, like this https://youtu.be/anU4xKXhAlE

  6. There’s no way I’d leave my name attached to those songs publicly, and I’ll delete this comment later on but if you really want to hear then, here they are 😂 My whole intention was to be as offensive as I could possibly be, like to the point of cliche because that’s just hilarious to me.

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