“Evil” Music

Patrick Walts

I’ve been listening to heavy metal since 1989, which was probably at the tail end of all that “satanic panic” nonsense that ruled the 80s. Nevertheless, I still caught quite a bit of shit over the issue of my musical tastes.

Metal was and still is cathartic for me. It’s always been there, and sometimes it’s been the only thing there. It resonates with me in a way that no other musical genre ever has or ever will.

Throughout the course of my young life, adults repeatedly tried to take that outlet away from me, but they always failed, because there was never any other possible outcome.

They said it was “evil.” The imagery, the lyrics, the sounds themselves; even the Christian Metal I was into was seen as objectionable simply because of the way it sounded.

And that’s alright. I mean, hey, it’s not for everyone. I enjoyed…

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