Alongside many other saved, unfinished drafts on here sits one from yesterday entitled “Trying not to be such a hothead.” I was going to cite examples of me getting into fights with hostile strangers and discuss how I’m trying to avoid reacting in kind.

Well, tonight, as I’m enjoying a burger and a nice cool breeze and a podcast in my car on lunch, here comes this dude and his girl asking if I can tell them how to get on the highway that goes to Stillwater. I told them. They said “We’re on foot,” in unison. Then she said “Our truck got towed.”

He then proceeds to ask if I can drive them in that direction and drop them off somewhere in between. Stillwater is 45 mins away, to give you some perspective.

Anyway, I declined, politely explaining that I was on my break, at work.

He throws up his hands and goes “Oh! Of course not!” Starts ranting and raving about how nobody has the common fuckin’ decency to blah blah blah, etc.”

Meanwhile, his female companion is telling him to stop, trying to shush him as they walk away.

I stared at him as he walked away, and he turned around and scowled and made some half-assed gesture at me. Then they went and sat in their truck across the street. Guess the tow truck brought it back. 🙄

Anyway, I didn’t lose it. I’m proud of myself. I stopped and reminded myself that there was nothing to be gained by lashing out at this guy. What did I care what he said about me? And it didn’t ruin my day, either. Progress!


  1. Exactly. My ex-husband (For example) gets major road rage and I never understood that. I mean, yeah, people can be dicks. Yes, self-centered (such as your lying “friends” there lol). But really, who does it help to blow up or lash back? No one. I just laugh. People can be dumb. So can I.

  2. Yeah. Now it is different when some nut is in your face screaming at you but you can definitely just drive away in a car. More difficult face-to-face, though. I don’t know why people do that when everyone around here has guns, but whatever

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