A lesson in empathy, Vol. 2

Imagine everyone assumes you have a tiny dick and that you eat dogs or try to secretly serve people dogs disguised as beef. Imagine that people still think it’s ok to squint their eyes, stick out their teeth and go “Ching chong ching chang” or some shit like that. Imagine that this happens all the time. Imagine that you say “Hey, that’s not cool” and you’re greeted with a butthurt tirade about how everybody is “too sensitive these days.” Imagine that you were born and raised in America, but people still see you as being from a country that your people didn’t even come from. It’s always the same country they assume you’re from, too. They can’t differentiate. You’re a cartoon character to them.

Can you imagine how exhausting and disheartening it must be to live this experience every single day of your life?

Who are you?

2 thoughts on “A lesson in empathy, Vol. 2

  1. I actually get offended FOR them! Like in many people’s minds there are only like four countries. It’s ridiculous. And for some reason it’s assumed that only white hicks are born in America or white snobs is the UK. Ludicrous in this day.

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