A lesson in empathy Vol. 4

Imagine that you’re dirt poor. You don’t have shit. You feel downtrodden and disenfranchised. Nobody is speaking for you. Everyone’s out to get you. And yet they tell you that you’re “privileged” because you’re white. Nobody tells you what that phrase actually means, so you take it at face value because the only explanation you get is screeched insults from androgynous weirdos with blue hair that looks like a bird’s nest.

Imagine that a magic man with lots of money and influence rides into town and not only promises change, but gives you scapegoats to vent your frustrations upon. He’s the culmination of everything talk radio and Fox News have been trying to tell those stupid liberals for decades. He’s finally here–the conservative messiah!

Imagine that he tells you he’s for the little guy. He’s on your side. Those other people, they’re against you. They want to destroy you. If they hate him, they hate you, because he is one of you. He’s going to bring back jobs. He’s going to end crime and take us back to the days of not locking our doors at night.

My grandfather fought Nazis in WWII. My dad saw people get turned into hamburger meat in Vietnam. How dare you not respect the flag that they risked their lives to defend?

Black lives matter. Does that mean mine doesn’t? You want to destroy me! You think crime is good and cops are bad! Stupid crazy libtards!

Universal healthcare? That’s socialism and the democrats will put old people to sleep!

I don’t have a problem with immigrants, I have a problem with illegal immigrants! They want to let terrorists and MS-13 in to rape women and cut off our heads!

You’re a good person. You’ll bend over backwards to help your neighbor. You have nothing against anyone of any other race, creed, religion, etc. They think you’re a Nazi, though, because you voted for the man you think will make life better for everyone, and you don’t understand why they don’t like him. All that fake news has ’em brainwashed. You’re so angry. You’re broke and can’t pay your bills. You work so hard for what little you have, and these libtards think you should give it to welfare recipients who are using it to buy drugs and cars and steak.

You: Don’t trust the government.

Also you: Yay President!

Who are you?

This was a tricky one because I totally get why people voted for the ratings machine DJT. They didn’t do so out of the malicious intent commonly attributed to them. They voted for him because they think he has their best interests at heart. I can see how his promises resonated with people. They’d resonate with me if I didn’t see him for the opportunistic sociopathic bullshitter that he is. But guess what? With family and friends who like the ratings machine DJT, it doesn’t make any difference in how I feel about them. I hide their bullshit third grade level memes on Facebook and enjoy a nice dinner with them and talk about other stuff. I understand where they’re coming from.

The anti-ratings machine DJT ones probably bug me more, because they nitpick everything about the ratings machine DJT and talk about him constantly. All they do is chain-smoke and scowl and bitch. They aren’t any fun. I want to go where people are smoking briskets and drinking bud light and having a good time shooting guns at cans and shit. I just don’t want to fucking talk about the ratings machine DJT in any capacity. Over it. I live in space now. I travel through time. I create, innovate on a higher level like KRS-one. Ratings machine DJT is gonna ratings machine DJT, y’know? Whatever. He’s going to win again, too. GARE-OWN-TEED. Same people who voted for him then are the same people who will still vote for him in 2020. The fatal mistake of the ratings machine DJT’s opposition is not empathizing with his supporters and getting in their heads and to see what’s really going on, and explaining things to them in a language that resonates with them. They don’t understand all your artsy-fartsy “problematic” talk. That’s not their world. Calling them all stupid ain’t gonna win you no elections.

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