Why Trump is going to win again

People who don’t like him are firmly convinced that he’ll never win…again. Sound familiar? People thought his initial campaign was a joke. Underestimating him was key to his victory. He may be a narcissist, and a sociopath, but he’s not stupid, and that’s where y’all fucked up. You thought he was an idiot. Nobody expected the tortoise to beat the hare, either.

Now, here we are, a few years later, and people are totally underestimating him again and getting cocky about his inevitable removal from office. Well, ok, you can do that if you want to lose again.

I’ll tell you how to defeat him: break his brain.

When someone has no sense of self-deprecation, they can’t take or make a joke about themselves. They have to have the last word, and they have to be 100% in control of their narrative at all times.

What you need is a candidate who can respond to everything he says with a clever quip that makes Trump seem stupid. And it has to be funny. Like, really funny, but in a subtle way. Humor is a powerful manipulative tool. Trump will eventually have a meltdown as his ego reaches critical mass. It’s very important that the candidate keep it low-key. He has to be calm and collected, and look out at the crowd like “Is this guy serious?” Every time Trump responds to one of these subtle digs. He’ll need to give Trump little patronizing looks while listening to him speak. Like “Ok, sure buddy, whatever you say.” Trump will become increasingly agitated at this failure to take what he’s saying seriously until he says something that he can’t come back from. And there is a line that can be crossed, even if it doesn’t seem like there is. There is.

I’m telling you, it’d work. You have to find his inner weaknesses and chip away at them until he can’t take it anymore. Exploit insecurities. Research his life, figure out what makes him tick. Look for patterns. Plant seeds of self-doubt that will grow inside of him. Vague, slow-burn insults, I’m talking about, here. His ego will not allow him to remain silent. You just have to get him to say the right things. His self-control will slip, and he’ll lose it. He has no restraint. He has no sense of humor.

I know he has no sense of humor because the only time he smiles is when someone, either himself or someone else, is praising him. When people say actual jokes he does that wince smile. He’s very impatient that things aren’t about him at that moment.

When he did that Comedy Central roast a few years ago, he wince-smiled through the whole thing and then stood up at the end of it and made sure everybody knew how great he was. “If I decided to run, I’d go down in history as the greatest president in the history of the United States of America. Me– Donald J Trump.” That reaction is very telling. He’s saying “I’m not a joke.” He’s clarifying and reinforcing his superiority because his ego demands it. He can’t control that part of himself. That’s why he even as President, he still claps back at any insult coming his way, no matter who it’s from.

I can empathize with certain aspects of his personality. I like to control my image. I’m a control freak. I’m kind of a dick about it sometimes. And if I feel disrespected, I strike back three times as hard. I’m a hothead. I have a temper problem.

Where he and I differ is that I feel I have more of a dichotomy going on than he does. I think what he does is just how he is in general, whereas my outbursts are emotionally driven and can wildly fluctuate from moment to moment. And a lack of a filter reveals a multitude of things, because you tell anyone who’s really listening all of your insecurities. I used to lash out at everyone who talked shit to me, too. Now I often just kind of smile and think, Okay. I’ll remember this.

I don’t think he ever thinks anything he does is wrong, either. I don’t get a sense from him that he strives for self-improvement or can easily accept blame for things that are his fault.

I used to be just like that. Still am, to a certain extent, although I’ve changed how I deal with it. I’ve learned how to be more covert and blend in.

They aren’t going to defeat Trump by putting some corny-ass politician up against him. It’s not going to work. He’s Mike Tyson at the end of Punch Out. He’s gangsta as fuck. And he’s ruthless. You’d better start to respect that. You need someone skilled in the art of psychological manipulation, who can lay out a minefield and provoke him into running through it to satiate his ego. You can talk someone into destroying themselves.

But they don’t know how to fight him, so they’ll just keep pulling tired old bullshit out of their bag of tricks, and he’ll deflect all of it and coast his ass right across the finish line in first place.

Mark my words, it’ll happen. Impeachment? Get fucking real. That’s not happening, and even if it does, he’s not going anywhere. I’m just dropping some knowledge on you that would solve the problem. Don’t wanna take it? Think I don’t know what I’m talking about?

Oh, I fuckin’ know. Believe me. This isn’t some “libtard” tirade, either. I don’t believe in conservative. I don’t believe in liberal. Burn America down for all I fuckin’ care. That’s where I’m at right now, at this moment. These are just my observations.

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