Twitter is run by boomers

Twitters hamfisted hate speech detector strikes again! If you think about it, though, a lot of living, breathing human beings have broken sarcasm detectors, too. Simply using the word “nazi,” for example, makes stupid people’s little Christmas tree lights that pass for their brains flicker.

Me: “Nazis existed.”

You: “You said Nazis! Hate speech!!!!! You are a Nazi and now I am one for saying it too! Self-destruct!”

What a stupid fuckin’ world. Get a grip! 😂


  1. I thank the Lord each and every day that we have these glorious billion dollar corporations that are so willing to protect my sensitive little ears from mean words.

  2. If I could figure out how to launch a social media platform based upon the premise: say whatever the fuck you like, and if people don’t like it, they can say whatever the fuck they wanna say about it back” it would be the biggest thing in the world

  3. In the end, though, some corporate entity always has the final say on what you’re allowed to say via any form of media. And I include the government in that.

  4. Can’t trust those conceited mother fuckers, thinking they’re so special, holding soup and milk and stirring stuff all the time. I refuse to scoop my eyes out. I want the exhilarating and satisfying gouge and pop that a fork would provide.

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