Gabriel, a Galenian Defense Force Striker assigned to Chieftain Kohlvar’s tribe, comes from a Galenian colony world known as Anshar.

Anshar is the outermost of the colony worlds, and its rough reputation is well-earned.

On the way home from work tonight I decided I wanted to write some kind of pulp space western, either as a short story or a novella. Then I thought, Why not set it on Anshar?

The planet is only mentioned in passing in Exsilium, and I hadn’t really thought much about it.

I like the idea of fleshing out this universe’s lore and making it my mind’s playground. So, when I got home, I threw a cover together. All I have to do now is write it! I’ll finish the final two chapters of Exsilium and take a step back from it before I go back and smooth it out. During that time I’ll write

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