Fun facts about crows

Patrick Walts

We take crows for granted. They’re those ugly garbage-eating birds that hang out in parking lots and crap on cars, right?

Well, sure, but there’s much more to them than that.

You can train a crow to collect loose change and bring it to you.

Crowboxwill send you instructions on how to build a “vending machine” that crows will insert change into in exchange for peanuts, or whatever else they might eat. I saw one swallow several French fries whole earlier.

If they’ll do that, what else will they do? Could you get one to swoop down and “yoink” dollar bills or debit cards out of people’s hands at a food truck or outdoor ticket booth? Could you train a crow to attack someone? Maybe, because crows remember human faces and hold grudges.

Yes, if you wrong a crow, or if it just plain doesn’t like your face, it…

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