Until now, Bingwen had always enjoyed hikingit had, in fact, become one of his favorite pastimes over the past several centuries, since hed become fed up with living amongst his fellow arties and moved to the Chinese countryside.

Growing up in San Francisco, working at his fathers restaurant so much that all his clothes smelled like garlic and fryer smoke, hed longed for a life of solitude in the country. Girls didnt like guys who smelled like a Chinese restaurant.

Except they did. Girls loved his older brother Fang. White girls. They just didnt like Bingwen, and neither did the bullies at school. He vowed to himself that hed someday live far away from people.

Now that hed achieved that goal, he felt more connected to nature, and it made him feel more alive. It inspired his songwriting, and it improved his mood.

It occurred to him, as he trudged

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