I’ve wrapped up both Exsilium, the sequel to Effugium, and a prequel novella called Anshar.

Exsilium is a wild ride, I’ll say that much for it. It’s fast-paced and action-packed, and contains the following things: genocide, primitive humans on reservations hunting cloned dinosaurs with spears, a guy who eats people and adds their bones to his bone necklace, the resurrection of Kryuss by Caldo, who now lives on Galenia, and a giant robot emerging from centuries of inactivity beneath Antarctica stomping its way through Earth’s biggest city, Centralis.

I’ve now broken ground on Exitus, which will follow the same anthological format as the first book in the series. It’ll begin with a story that goes a little something like this:


It was one of those cool, rainy nights I’d always found so perfectly conducive to creativity, and so after bidding an early but very fond farewell to the…

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