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Something I’m working on, about the end result of Oklahoma’s penchant for making things terrible for itself.

Patrick Walts: the short fiction collection

Chapter one

I’m old enough to remember a time when swerving around corpses and sinkholes on cracked, neglected roads wasn’t yet commonly considered a normal part of one’s morning commute. Used to be just potholes, and we complained about those. Can you imagine?

…talk about biting the hand that feeds ’em, folks. I tell ya, these libtards are downright insane; there’s just no other word for it. They’d rather see a return to government than get off their lazy asses and get a damned job and seize the opportunities that the company has made possible. Sky’s the limit and jobs are plentiful, they just don’t wanna work, that’s all there is to it. Lazy potheads crying about how unfair life is, how they think everything should be free. Sorry kids, life doesn’t work that way. Want good healthcare, get a good job! If you can’t afford…

And traffic lights…

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