The Tonic of Wilderness


Each chapter of Effugium can be enjoyed on its own as a standalone story, or as part of the larger story which spans over 200,000 years. Here’s one of those stories.


Adelbern the Fifteenth was, quite literally, born to be an adventurer. His line of Continuants had been conditioned for the exploration of unknown and unforgiving terrain since the time of the Firsts, when Kryuss himself had taken note of the original’s physical prowess and athletic abilities back on Earth. It was decided that, one day, his continuant would play a crucial role in taming the Promised Land.

Or so the story went, anyway.

Kryuss had even given him books from his own personal collection, to inspire and shape him. Treasure Island, Robinson Crusoe, 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea, King Solomon’s Mines… He’d devoured all of those and more, as had every Adelbern since.

Fifteen didn’t break this tradition…

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