An absolute nightmare

The state of the world right now reminds me a lot of the state of the world at the beginning of my book Effugium: The Time Remaining, and I feel like Caldo making one of his blog entries every time I open this app.

We’re scared. We’re uncertain. We don’t trust anything we hear. We can’t trust anything we hear. Death is in the air. It’s crawling up walls, it’s clinging to your shirt sleeve. It’s on your skin! Douse yourselves in Purelle and light a match!

Honestly, I don’t know if widespread testing of non-symptomatic people is a great idea. My dad’s hanging by a thread right now, on a ventilator in the ICU and awaiting results on his COVID test, but if it comes back positive, treatment will remain the same as it is now. The test isn’t going to save his life. Testing isn’t going to help anyone. Staying away from other people as much as you possibly can, whether you have any symptoms or not, will.

I’ve got to go to work today, because I’ve got to ensure vital supplies necessary to your survival at this time can get into your hands. I’m terrified, and knowing my mom is isolated in her house and my dad is isolated in the hospital is weighing heavily on me. If this test comes back positive and then he dies, I can’t give my mom so much as a hug for two weeks. We’ll have to Wrath Of Khan it.

If it’s negative and he dies, I can see her. That’s what testing is helpful for, or for when altering course of treatment is necessary. He was tested because he couldn’t walk and he’s got severe pneumonia and is over 70. No one’s trying to waste tests on healthy people clogging up the ER with cases of the sniffles.

So yeah, waaaaaaaay more people have it than we know. Way more. It’s all over the place, and we should already know that. Will testing help make it real to people? Will they stay home except to go out for groceries and even then practice extreme GIGO (get in, get out) and give others a wide berth? I don’t know. I don’t know what kind of reaction widespread testing will have.

If you don’t care about yourself, that’s cool. If you’re going to go toodling around town for the heck of it, please be considerate of healthcare workers, truck drivers, grocery store workers, mailpersons, utility workers, etc etc etc and stay out of their way and out of their faces. Don’t touch stuff. Help out a little. I’m already mentally preparing to lose my dad. And I’m scared to death of bringing this home to my wife. Please, be careful out there.


  1. Really praying for your dad. And for all of us.

    I agree that people need to think of others and not just themselves. It drives me nuts that some are being so blasé about this.

  2. I think the most encouraging part is that so many will have no symptoms. He tested positive. He’s got and and he’s been sick for over a week. My mom? Nothing. And she’s 70+ with asthma. There’s no way she hasn’t contracted it. But she’s fine. So that gives me hope, but some people take that hope as false security and act reckless

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