Groundswell- Chapter Three

Patrick Walts: the short fiction collection

Logan spotted a hawk circling up ahead as he drove down the two-lane highway on the edge of town that would take him as close as one could get to the fenced-off area by car.

Hawks made him nervous–they didn’t always circle because something was dead. Sometimes, he knew, they circled because something was going to die.

As it turned out, in this case it happened to be the former–a deer so badly mangled it had to have been hit by a semi, he surmised when curiosity demanded he pull over and take a look. A car simply couldn’t have inflicted that much damage upon the animal unless it had been going well over eighty miles per hour. Had that been the case, that vehicle wouldn’t have left under its own power and its driver would most likely be dead.

He supposed it could have been towed, but the deer…

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