Against the machine

Patrick Walts: the short fiction collection

Greed and lust for power are contrary to humankind as a whole’s best interests. Together they represent a far more insidious threat to the average person than any virus.

When someone tells me that the automation of the work force is “progress” and a “good thing,” I’m reminded of the Twilight Zone episode The Brain Center at Whipple’s.

Mr. Whipple has installed a giant 1950s supercomputer in his factory that will gradually phase out the need for human employees, putting them out on the street and making Mr. Whipple just a little bit richer. The few employees that remain after the mass “pink slipping” he so gleefully executes are only there to teach the machine their jobs. Whipple repeatedly touts all of this as “progress.”

An exasperated longtime employee rages against the machine and is shot dead by Mr Whipple, who apparently faces no legal repercussions for doing so, because…

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