Science Fiction snob culture

Some people, like myself, enjoy science fiction for its forward-thinking spirit of imagination, adventure and excitement, as well as its potential for examining human nature from a perspective other genres can’t. I also love the escapism of it–you know, fun. We used to be allowed to have that.

For some insufferable people, it’s a chance to smugly rattle off random tidbits of knowledge gleaned from websites like I fucking love science, presenting themselves as some kind of super-smart intellectuals. Get a bunch of sci-fi nerds together, and it’s kind of like a bunch of 1800s guys in a study trying to dazzle each other with demonstrations of brain power.

In reality, these types of dorks are socially awkward, insecure weirdos who usually can’t get girlfriends.

They’re the kind of mentally unstable a-holes who tut-tut anything and everything that enters into their spheres of awareness because they are driven by a need to outwit everyone else. They probably stink, too. Sweatpants smelling like pee pee and whatnot.

Newsflash: People who are actually smart don’t go around telling everyone they’re smart, just as dudes with big dicks don’t go around telling everyone they have big dicks–they let the dick do the talking.

I suppose some of it stems from certain types not understanding artistic license, and that’s why they rail against sci-fi movies that have sound in space and want you to know that they know the truth. Duh, everybody knows that. It makes stuff cooler. It would look stupid without it. I mean, if scientific accuracy isn’t a particular work’s objective, then it’s pointless to pick it apart using that standard. You’re missing what it’s actually trying to say.

Look at this guy: someone shares a really cool pic they did, and another’s response is exactly the type of shit I’m talking about:

Two people had liked the comment when I took the a screenshot, which just goes to show you that it’s not a fluke–these people really are that annoying.

I wonder if those people have ever written or painted or created anything besides the cloud of dismal negativity they choose to live under.

Don’t get me wrong–nitpicking and fact-checking is sometimes a good thing, but if your default reaction to everything is to shit on it, maybe you need to lighten up.

Want to read some fun and engaging sci-fi sans the snobbery? Check out Effugium, Exsilium, and Anshar.

I don’t write sci-fi for sci-fi fans. If they want to come along for the ride, hey, that’s great. I’m glad they’re aboard. My target audience, though, is all people with imagination. People who don’t read sci-fi but might if they weren’t discouraged from doing so by gatekeepers. Enjoy.

3 thoughts on “Science Fiction snob culture

  1. Ah, a breath of fresh air in the Sci-Fi world. People take things way too seriously – I appreciate your laid-back attitude about it all. Curious what your favorite Sci-Fi books are.

  2. Ender’s Game, Childhood’s End, Remdezvous with Rama, Hitchiker’s guide, Fahrenheit 411, anything retro/30s-50s like pulp short stories. I’m into old short stories by people like Bradbury and Richard Mattheson. Does Frankenstein count? I know that’s a point of contention but to me it’s a big “Who cares?” I mostly read old stuff.

  3. Very nice. I’ve read some of the ones you mentioned, but my favorite is probably The Martian Chronicles. Also Snow Crash and Pattern Recognition. Frankenstein, absolutely. 🙂 To me it’s a blend of science fiction and horror and I would never bother arguing about it, it’s not worth it!

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