Some short stories

The Scoop is a Twilight Zone-esque story about a man from the late sixties who’s accidentally transported through time to 2019. He struggles to make sense of his new surroundings at first, but quickly adapts. I’ve always wondered how people of the past would react to modern society and advanced technology–an iPhone might seem like magic to someone in 1865, and it might seem like science fiction to someone in 1965.

Death Mines of Mars came about one rainy Saturday morning when the idea suddenly struck me to write a retro sci-fi story set in the distant future year of 1974. By 5PM I’d finished and posted it.

Here’s one about space vampires.

The Tonic of Wilderness is a story about humans exploring their new world after a multi-generational space journey.

Childish Things is about rediscovering the magic of childhood innocence.

What if people actively sought out COVID-19 and viewed it as a blessing? That’s what Community Spread is all about.

Plenty more where that came from, but I’ll save those for the many more posts to come.

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