Groundswell: chapter ten

Patrick Walts: the short fiction collection

Logan was browsing a copy of The Axton Herald in the motel lobby, waiting on a fresh pot of coffee to finish brewing, when a thought occurred to him. He set the paper back down on the front desk and pulled his phone out of his pocket.

He Googled the number for the Axton Public Library and dialed.

An older-sounding woman answered.


“Yes, hello, my name is Logan Hayes. I’m a visitor in town and I was wondering if you kept digital records of your local newspaper. If so, can you tell me how far they go back?”

Her tone changed. “Oh, hello Mr. Hayes. You’re that detective! Is this for your case?”

“In a roundabout way,” he said. “I’m just curious about some things.”

“Well, I’m afraid the computer records only go back to 2007, but the microfiche goes back to 1965, when the paper was founded.

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