I’m no conspiracy theorist, but…

I’ve always been the skeptical Agent Scully to the conspiracy theorists’ Agent Mulder.

In light of the fact that the foundations of civilization as we know it are crumbling, however, I may have to reassess that default skepticism.

Something’s going on. “They” are doing something. Someone is using this pandemic in conjunction with civil unrest to their own advantage, somehow.

All your friends are steadily ingesting and regurgitating one of two steady streams of contradictory propaganda being pumped into their brains every waking moment.

“They” not only know this–they’re behind it.

Propaganda is instant now. It can spread across the world like wildfire in less than an hour and bring about massive shifts in public opinion and behavior.

It’s not just being spread by people, either. Bots are actively shaping our perceptions of current events and conditioning us to believe certain things and behave in a certain way. If you’re not complying, believe me, it’s taking notes.

Our phones and other devices we connect to the internet with are reporting what we say, what we look at, what our personal preferences are, etc, to corporations. They examine what we purchase and what kinds of music we listen to and look for patterns. And then they give us more of what we want. They show us the news that we personally want to hear, so that we’ll keep clicking and engaging and watching and raking in that ad money. We are a commodity.

The idea that an independent musician, writer or filmmaker promoting his or or work online is “spam” that outrages you, but when it comes from a big corporation it’s an “ad” and you accept that… know where that idea came from? Something conditioned us to think that way. Propaganda. A corporate stamp of approval is required in order for any creative work to be taken seriously. They’ve been feeding us this narrative since the dawn of radio.

What we are doing when we provide this data to corporations is creating digital personality profiles of ourselves that if reconstructed would be fairly indistinguishable from the real thing. Our “digital ghosts” so to speak. We all have one. It’s comprised of our texts, our tweets, our private messages, our likes, what we read, follow, stream, or otherwise engage with.

We’re already primitive cyborgs, as we are perpetually connected via our devices. They’re a part of us now as much as our natural appendages. They can make you smarter if you’re hip to the fact that you’ve got the world’s largest library in the palm of your hand. Most people aren’t hip to that fact and don’t take advantage of this tremendous wealth of knowledge at their fingertips and couldn’t make sense of any of it even if they did. Is what it is, I guess.

One day, we’ll be plugged directly into cyberspace via some sort of neural connection, and I think that prospect has great potential, but…

Who’s in control of it? Corporations? The government? Some sort of central digital intelligence that’s become sentient? I’m inclined to believe it’s some sort of collaborative effort between all three, with most of the people involved in carrying it out ignorant of what they’re complicit in. They’re just doing their jobs–crunching numbers, pushing buttons, reshaping society through its collective subconscious. The future” is shaping up to be every bit as scary as The Terminator told us it would be.

It’s going to be great! AI and robots will do the dreary, demeaning work humans do and humans will be free to engage in more fulfilling pursuits!”

Okay, what humans, exactly? What kind of safety net are you offering for the millions you’ll put out of work? What do they do during this lengthy interim period that’s sure to come, in which jobs are still required for survival, but don’t exist? Just die, I guess. Starve to death. Kill each other. Maybe that’s what this is all about.–Squeezing every last dime they can out of us peasants before tossing us in the garbage. After that, the battle royale for the title of “richest guy of all time” begins. Winner takes all.

Something sinister has infiltrated every aspect of our lives and its ultimate goal is to dismantle our entire infrastructure and replace it with something else.

At your place of employment, do you often feel as if you’re engaging in repetitive nonsense tasks on your computer that seem to have no point and no end?

You’re training your eventual AI replacement. You’re taking a quiz, and it’s studying and learning from your answers.

No, I’m not talking about a literal android replicant of yourself. I’m talking about smart machines replacing you at your job. All they lack is our knack for adaptability and the ability to make “gut” decisions. Once they’ve figured those two things out, these evil corporations who lock us into demoralizing and dehumanizing lives of indentured servitude so that we can have food, shelter and medical care won’t need us anymore.

They aren’t interested in creating a better world. They’re faceless entities who exist solely to make the rich richer while keeping the poor trapped right where they are. And those very same corporations are spearheading the AI revolution. They are the ones developing it and deciding how it will be implemented. I don’t trust them. Do you?

As we’ve seen, it’s been implemented by various governments to sew seeds of discord in the minds of their enemies. Russia does it. China does it. We do it. Everybody does it. Our minds work much like computers, electrochemical ones, and this insidious, virtually undetectable propaganda acts as the equivalent of a computer virus on them. Guess who provides the virus removal software?

They don’t want unity amongst the people. That’s bad news for them, because they work best when we’re distracted by fighting amongst one another. Ultimately “they,” or it–whatever you want to call this power pulling the strings–will start offering solutions only they can provide and setting themselves up as the saviors of mankind. They’re anything but that, though.

It’s all set up so that if we raise questions, we look crazy. If we don’t conform to certain narratives, we become social pariahs.

I realize I’m not saying anything that hasn’t been said already. These are simply my thoughts and perceptions based upon my own personal observations. I don’t have any answers, because I don’t have a complete picture of what’s going on and neither does anyone else. All we can do is speculate.

Be aware that you’re being used and manipulated, though. Armed with that knowledge, you’re much better equipped to filter what gets into your brain and takes root.

The heartstring-tugging, warm and fuzzy “We’re all in this together”!commercials are disingenuous nonsense. Don’t ever let yourself think these corporate entities care about you. That family with the Golden Retriever jumping into the minivan, those are all actors and all that shit’s fake. Somebody probably beat that poor fucking dog and someone is probably fucking the kids. Shit is ugly beneath the glossy, pretty surface they cover it with.

The police are a weapon used to keep the poor subjugated, because as we’ve seen time and time again, the law doesn’t apply to the rich and powerful like it does it to us. Stop accepting that! Ask yourself why you’re more mad about poor-as-fuck illegal immigrants than you are about Wells Fargo committing mass fraud twice and getting away with it. Now they’re pretending it never happened, gaslighting people and pandering to them like this:

Now they’re at it again with the sketchy, illegal behavior. How many times does this make for them? How stupid are they to keep getting caught?I guess they don’t care since there won’t be any real consequences. There never are. So please, cut the shit about “obeying the law.” It’s bullshit.

What can we do? I don’t know. Be extremely wary of anyone who says they do. Personally, I think “they” spread a lot of false and silly conspiracy rumors themselves. As a smokescreen to cover up the one that’s real. Whatever that may be.

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