The silent war

What if I told you there was a silent war raging all around you? What if I told you that the devastating aftereffects of the weapons used in this war will be felt for centuries to come? Indeed, they will shape the very course of history, and they’ve already begun doing so.

Our enemies are attacking. Hard. The flames of the narratives you’ve chosen to latch onto and spread are being fanned by China and Russia, amongst others, via propaganda-spreading bots. We do the same to them.

They want chaos. They want division. They wanted Donald Trump in office because they knew things would end up like this for us. This isn’t a commentary on his competence as a President. This isn’t about that. This is about them anticipating that people would respond to him in the way that they have. They knew it would be a shitstorm.

The goal: to dismantle our culture and national infrastructure. To create chaos, in other words. Our country does it as well. Infiltrating popular culture has always been the most effective way to win followers and advance narratives.

Now that everything’s in complete disarray due to a convergence of causes, the bots are working overtime to kick us while we’re down. They’ve convinced us that our friends and neighbors are the real enemy.

The most insidious aspect of this war is that we provide the ammunition used against us.

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