Groundswell: What it is

I’ve been hammering out a short novel called Groundswell and posting the first drafts of each chapter here. Chapters 1-26 are all available to read.

What’s it about? Well, the idea was sparked by a recent film noire binge coupled with an X-Files kick I’ve been on lately. Then I started thinking about how many ghost towns there are in Oklahoma, and incorporated the very topical subject of fracking-induced seismic activity, and I just started writing. It’s a little bit Twin Peaks: Oklahoma, but not as esoteric as such a comparison would imply. Basically, I’m writing off the vibe of the aforementioned media, attempting to produce a pulp detective story set in a Coronaless(because everyone’s had enough of that shit right now)2020. It’s a page-turner that manages to be both fast-paced and slow burn at the same time.

Logan Hayes is a private detective hired by the family of a murdered man–one Chance Miller–to find his killer. In the process, he uncovers something far more sinister that he believes is connected to that murder and others that have recently been committed in Axton, Oklahoma. His search for answers takes him to Groundswell, a once thriving small town bought out by an oil company called Prismaro in the late ’70s. What will he find there? Go here to find out!

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