I’ve submitted a story to Asimov’s

The other day when I was unpacking my collection of Asimov’s and Analog magazines, it occurred to me that I’d never submitted a story to either, and I couldn’t think of a single good reason for this. So I did. Why not? The worst that can happen is that it gets rejected, in which case I’ll try again with another story.

Should it be accepted, however, I’ll be both humbled and grateful for the opportunity to occupy space in the pages of a magazine that has hosted a great many brilliant writers that have inspired me throughout my life.

Fingers crossed.

11 thoughts on “I’ve submitted a story to Asimov’s

  1. Thank you. I don’t have a ton of confidence that the one I sent will be accepted, but if it is, I’ll look at it as a pleasant surprise. It just occurred to me that many of these outlets are still available and I should probably be hitting them up.

  2. There are enough of those mags still around that I’m sure, with persistence, I can get my foot in the door somewhere. I’m just going to bombard them all until it happens.

  3. I will really consider it an achievement when I eventually get in there, considering all of the people who’ve contributed to it over the years. It’d make me feel on some level a peer to people I have a lot of respect for. Plus all the great new writers they give exposure to,

  4. My problem is that when I sit down to write something with a specific market in mind, there’s a lot of second-guessing. I have to learn to rid myself of those inhibitions and just let the story go where IT wants o go, not where I think someone else would want it to go.

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