So I guess I helped fight a fire this morning

It’s been a stressful couple of weeks, moving out of our old house and into our new one. I’m exhausted, both mentally and physically.

Since I’m off work today, and we’re making lots of progress unpacking and getting settled in and organized, I decided that I was going to do nothing but rest all day long. And get some writing done, of course.

But then, when I was taking some trash out back, I noticed an unusual amount of smoke in the air–too much to have come from a chimney.

I threw on some clothes–jacket, sweatpants, slippers–and headed down the street to investigate.

Three houses over, I heard a frail voice calling for help. An elderly woman was standing behind her screen door waving her arms at me. I ran up to the house, asked her what was on fire, and she tells me it’s out in her yard. She was frazzled and confused, which is normal for anyone under such circumstances, let alone a 92 year-old woman.

I headed out back and saw a rapidly growing fire on the back lawn. I went out to hook up her hose, but within seconds the fire was at my feet. It’d gone full inferno in just a few seconds. As I struggled blindly in the thick choking smoke to untangle the hose, the hose itself caught fire and I was about to as well so I was forced to retreat inside and start filling pots and tossing them alongside the back of the house to create a dampness barrier.

Some neighbors had called 911, and by this point the fence was on fire and the flames on areas against the house that I hadn’t dumped stock pots of water on were starting to crawl up the side of the house(brick, fortunately.) a neighbor came in and we got the lady out of the house, and when I went back to resume my water dumping some other neighbors in work boots and gloves had managed to hook up the hose to the faucet, which had gotten hot and was partially melted. They extinguished most of the burn and the Fire Dept, who arrived within two or three mins at the most, did the rest and inspected the gas and electric lines. Everything was fine, and everyone was fine. The lady calmed down and we even had a little chuckle when I said “Well, nice meeting you.”

Everybody who was home either came and helped in some way, or noticed something was wrong and came to check. I thought that was pretty great. Seems like I moved to a good neighborhood. And that response time from the FD and PD was amazing.

And now, back to writing.


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