Conform or be cast out

When someone talks about “educating” people, what they often really mean is “convincing them to adopt my views as their own and further propagate them.”

A highly effective means of forcing someone’s hand in order to achieve this is to silence all dissenting voices. Those who will not be silent are either demonized or viewed as crazy because of their failure to conform and subsequently ostracized—banished from the tribe.

When your narrative is so convoluted and nonsensical that critical thinking would readily dismantle it, you’re told that thinking is wrong.

If you note that a problem exists, you’re told “No it doesn’t” with a smile. They’ll keep reiterating this until you either accept it as fact or are cast out.

It matters little to most people whether or not their views and opinions are based on fact—it matters only that a large number of others share them.

People love to elevate themselves over others, they love to feel superior, and they love to scapegoat and point fingers. They also crave community and a sense of belonging to something larger than themselves. In order to do that, they’ll subscribe to outlandishly stupid ideas and fully commit them to belief—because the others are as well. You know, tribalism. It’s what humans do. Get a bunch of like-minded ones together and they’ll operate as a hive mind. This is how cults get started. It’s certainly how organized religion often operates.

For instance, say a member of a church raises questions about a particular doctrine said church espouses. It doesn’t sit well with them and they want to know more about the reasoning behind it. Instead of receiving a satisfactory explanation, which often doesn’t exist, it’s damage control time: The shepherds will invariably swoop in to bring that member of their flock back into the fold. By that, I mean confronting those doubting Thomases in a smiling, passive-aggressive manner and browbeating them into once again suspending their senses of disbelief.

This isn’t a knock on religion—it’s an observation on the practices of humanity in general. These principles play out in all aspects of life, from politics to relationships to entertainment.

Never in my life, though, have I witnessed such a powerful, aggressive and transparent attempt to reprogram Western society, and at a fundamental level. So much revisionist history, so much virtual witch hunting and backing of people into digital corners. So much thought policing. So very much propaganda.

The ultimate goal, I speculate, is to make people stop feeling like individuals and more like part of a group. You alone are worthless. Your worth lies in how much you contribute to the group’s mission, and in your adherence to its tenets. Hmmm… If only there were some historical precedent that might clue us in on where this mindset leads. 🤔

Count me out.

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