What if L.Q. Clemonds had remained on board the Enterprise?

Remember the Next Generation episode where they thaw out three chryogenically frozen people from the twentieth century? It’s one of my favorite Star Trek episodes ever, due in no small part to the presence of this delightful character.

What if he chose to stay on board instead of getting off at the starbase with the others?


  1. I kind of wonder what happened to that other guy, the investment banker. Out of the three people they found in those cryo-tubes, I feel like he was going to have the hardest time adapting to the 24th Century. Unless he just went off to live with the Ferengi, of course.

  2. Turns out I have that one and have started reading it. It’s called “Debtors Planet” and Starfleet places the enterprise at his disposal for an important mission. So Picard has to obey his orders.

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